Brexit: What does it mean for EU students studying at UK universities?

By | September 19th, 2017|Blog|

As the 2017 academic year starts, around 50,000 EU students will travel to the UK to start their undergraduate degree. If you’re starting your studies in 2018, should you join them - or does Brexit mean you should look elsewhere? The good news is that EU students who start studying in the UK in 2018/19 [...]

Ten unusual university courses that you probably didn’t know existed

By | September 12th, 2017|Blog|

Have you ever spoken to someone who has a job you’ve never heard of - and wondered how they got there? The chances are they took a non-standard route. Trying to find your way around the thousands of university courses can be daunting, so here’s our pick of some of the most weird and wonderful [...]

Internationalism in universities – what is it and does it matter?

By | June 26th, 2017|Blog|

A recent ranking of the world’s newest universities found that the youngest are outperforming their older rivals when it comes to internationalism. Universities continually push their international credentials - so what does ‘internationalism’ really mean, and does it matter? Internationalism is an experience, rather than a list of statistics. It comes from all areas of [...]

Perfecting your postgraduate application

By | May 11th, 2017|Blog|

We’re presenting at Studyworld 2017 in Berlin this weekend. The programme is diverse and jam-packed: talks include discovering your leadership potential; options in the creative industries; tips for internships; and country-specific advice from Australia to Japan. My Next Step’s presentation is ‘Applying to Graduate School’ - we will be including some of the advice that [...]

Country profile: Study in Canada

By | March 14th, 2017|Blog|

Montreal has just been revealed as the world’s best student city in the 2017 QS awards. So it seems a great time to look at why higher education in Canada is ranked so highly. Overview Canada is bi-lingual, multi-cultural and liberal. It has a reputation for being welcoming and safe, and it can be much [...]

The study skill our teenagers really need? Mindfulness.

By | March 14th, 2017|Blog|

Young people are more anxious and unhappy than previous generations. As exams get nearer, students are displaying physical and emotional signs that they are more and more stressed and depressed. Numerous scientific studies show that stress leads to poorer academic performance - so what are we doing about it? As parents and professionals we constantly [...]

Firm foundations – how a foundation programme can help your future

By | February 20th, 2017|Blog|

You want to go to a great university, but you’re lacking key skills. You may think your only option is to downgrade your hopes and aspirations - but there is another way to get what you want. Foundation programmes are often overlooked, but career counsellors and other professionals have known for years that a good [...]

Gap year inspiration from people who’ve been there and done that

By | February 13th, 2017|Blog|

If you’re planning a gap year then other people’s experiences are invaluable. There are thousands of gap year blogs out there - so many that it can be hard to find the good ones. So to save you the trouble, here’s our top picks. Our selection of six blogs are written by Gappers of all [...]

How to be the perfect gap year parent

By | February 3rd, 2017|Blog|

Your child has announced that she wants a gap year. For many parents this is a mixed blessing. Remember that free spirited, adventurous, independent child you wanted to raise? Congratulations - you’ve done it. Worried that she will end up in a foreign country with no money/as a drug mule/sold into slavery? OK, that’s normal. [...]

Get your skates on: six great places to study with deadlines in February and March

By | January 27th, 2017|Blog|

Still thinking about studying abroad? January saw the application window close in lots of countries, including France, the UK and the US. But that doesn't mean you've missed out - yet! If you start now there's still time to apply to some great universities in amazing countries. Here's our run down of some of the [...]