Our Areas of Expertise

Our one-to-one My Next Step counseling services are designed to support you from the founding to the realization of your academic project in your chosen destinations. From initial orientation and school selection, through skillful essay writing and recommender guidance, to administrative assistance, you can rely on our expertise and insight to help you present and uphold forceful applications.

My Next Step is also intended for students who, after graduating from high school or between two university degrees, wish to acquire either a hands-on or a professional experience. According to your quest, we will design and organize your ideal Gap Year and/or provide you with an internship abroad, in an international company, within your selected field.



Considering our extensive and significant experience of the Anglo-Saxon higher education systems, we are thoroughly familiar with the universities’ expectations, conditions and entry requirements on a global scale. Therefore, we are able to skillfully advise you on how to best plan and implement your academic project.
To ensure your admission perspectives and enhance the number of potential offers you will be likely to receive, we generally recommend you select our Comprehensive packages, specially designed to support you through each stage of the application procedure, prone to vary according to the institutions’ geographic location. Alternatively, we can also assist you only on specific aspects of the process.



Taking a GAP YEAR is an enriching and valuable experience which will allow you not only to explore new activities in unfamiliar surroundings, but also to meet people stemming from different cultures and backgrounds.
Personally, you will expand your horizons and will bring to light some undisclosed skills thus far. Academically and professionally, after taking a Gap Year, your resume will reveal a dynamic and diverse profile, enabling you to make the difference and hence catch the eye of a potential Director of Admissions and/or Employer.
In partnership with the best experts worldwide, our GAP YEAR packages will provide you with a large choice of destinations and activities to undertake during your chosen time frame (conservation, volunteer work, sustainable development…).



The global workplace is nowadays highly competitive, so that an undergraduate degree or domestic internship no longer guarantees a stable and rewarding job. Therefore, we have developed partnerships with agencies in different countries (China, Singapore, Argentina, Australia…), which will provide you with a placement in the industry of your choice.
Our Customized Internships will give you the opportunity to build up your resume, as well as enrich your professional experiences and develop a set of skills allowing you to apprehend real world challenges.

Other Services

For students in search of a shorter first experience abroad, we suggest a Foundation Programme.  For Junior and/or Senior high school students willing to get a foretaste of «university life», we recommend they apply to a Summer Intensive program.

Our students have been accepted at:

      • Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, Central Saint Martins, Saint Andrews, Cass Business School, UCL…
      • Universities of Warwick, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, York, Lancaster, Kent, King’s College…
      • McGill University, Concordia University, HEC-Montreal, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto…
      • UCSD, UC Irvine, UT Austin, FSU, Fordham University, Berklee College of Music, University of Washington St Louis, Wheaton College, CUNY…
      • Sciences Po-Paris, FGV-EAESP, IE, Bocconi University…


McGill is really a great university! I have a lot of work, yet the classes are so interesting that I do not mind studying more. The life in the residences is well organised. And also, I love Montreal!
In any case, thank you for having helped me well to get here .
Arthur – Admitted to McGill, UT Austin, UC Santa Barbara, U. of Washington
My Next Step has brought me a great support, but has also helped me become more mature and organised. It is really thanks to you if I am totally ready to leave
Coralie – Admitted to McGill, UBC, Universities of Toronto and Concordia, UC Merced
I am really happy !!! Thank you very much, it is thanks to you if I have been admitted !! My parents are also delighted and are grateful for all your help
Cyriac – Admitted to LSE, UCL, Cass Business School
« I wish to thank you for all your help during this year. Without you, I would have probably not been able to join Imperial College. Thank you for everything.
Adrien - Admitted to Imperial College, UCL and University of Edinburgh
Thank you for your efficiency in the management of this file. In 2 years, it will be Ariane’s turn…
Adrien’s parents – Admitted to Imperial College, UCL and University of Edinburgh
Before anything, I wish to thank you for your help, the guidance and support you have brought me during my whole application procedure for the UK. Thanks to you an your encouragements throughout the year, this experience will have made me more mature and I am now convinced that the UK will appeal to me for my higher education .
Tobias – Admitted to University of Bath, University of Warwick and King’s College
Thank you for your help. It has been most useful. I would have not been able to complete my application in 15 days without you !
Arnaud – Admitted to King’s College
Sciences Po has accepted me for the Dual Degree. As for LSE, it is largely thanks to your excellent work. Thank you so much for your help, your support and the nice decisions you have helped take.
Lucca – Admitted toLSEandto the Dual degree Sciences Po Paris-FGV-EASP (Graduate)
I recently came back to Paris after this incredible adventure between Argentina and Chile. I really wanted to thank you for your help to organise this unforgettable experience. The internship in Chile went well. Working in Santiago in a Chilean company has undoubtedly been a memorable experience. After the placement, I continued travelling in Chile before returning to Paris full of beautiful images in my head and extraordinary encounters.Thank you again for everything.
Lea – Gap Year 4 months in Argentina and Chile
It is with great pleasure that I recommend you since we appreciated your approach, availability, perception and your excellent knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon academic world
Frédéric – Admitted to a Foundation Program
We have particularly appreciated the extensiveness of the information andclarifications, as well as the advices you have provided us during the first meeting, and also for the support in the writing the essays. Thank you again !