If you’re planning a gap year then other people’s experiences are invaluable. There are thousands of gap year blogs out there – so many that it can be hard to find the good ones.

So to save you the trouble, here’s our top picks. Our selection of six blogs are written by Gappers of all ages and nationalities. Some work, some volunteer, some travel. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, information or entertainment, we’re sure you’ll find something here to guide you towards your gap year adventure.

1. Expllora

Expllora is the gap year turned travel-and-lifestyle blog created by Ellora in 2014. It’s no longer updated, but it’s a first-hand, honest insight into au-pairing and interning. The New Zealander’s account of life away from home is light-hearted and entertaining, and gives a real perspective of what it’s like to be a nanny while embracing a different culture and learning a new language.

2. The Broke Backpacker

This blog is a must-read for anyone looking to travel on a budget. It’s slick, it’s comprehensive, and with over 82,000 Twitter followers, it must be doing something right. Author Will Hatton and his team offer useful and unusual advice on ways to save money and still make the most of exploring new places while on the road.

3. The Gap Year Diaries

Nineteen year old Sunny is “taking some time off from school to work, learn and see the world”. She uses her beautifully presented blog to share the stories she has accumulated during her time exploring an impressive 20 countries – and counting. Currently teaching in Thailand, Sunny’s blog combines informative guides with stunning snaps of the places she has visited.

4. The Little Backpacker

Technically a budget travel blog, there is plenty here about working abroad, from Camp America to fruit picking. The author started the blog during her gap year, and has kept it going since 2012 (she’s now training as a teacher). The ‘Day in the life’ articles are great first-hand accounts of what to expect when working abroad.

5. Matt on Manoeuvres

This blog is raw, unpolished and very real. A day-by-day account of the adventures (and sleeping habits) of three teenagers as they travel and work in South America, it’s a sweary and detailed insight into what it’s like to travel with friends to an unknown continent.

6. The Globe Trotting Ginger

From Australia to Zagreb, the Globe Trotting Ginger has been there. During her gap ‘year’ (it started in 2014…) twenty-something Nikki has partied with the yacht crowd in the British Virgin Islands and spent a summer working in an Irish bed and breakfast. With a blog refreshingly free of product reviews and promos, Nikki has built up a great resources section, covering everything from eating on a budget to packing.