We’re presenting at Studyworld 2017 in Berlin this weekend. The programme is diverse and jam-packed: talks include discovering your leadership potential; options in the creative industries; tips for internships; and country-specific advice from Australia to Japan.

My Next Step’s presentation is ‘Applying to Graduate School’ – we will be including some of the advice that has helped My Next Step students achieve 100% success rates.

No matter how successful you were at undergraduate level, applying for postgraduate study is different. Competition can be fierce, so a personal statement that stands out is essential.

Interviews often form a crucial part of the selection process, something you may not have experienced at undergraduate level.

Understanding cultural and academic variations can make the difference between success and failure.

And funding can be more complicated, with potentially high costs but a variety of scholarship options.

We’re delighted that we get really positive feedback when we present at events like Studyworld, but appreciate that you may want far more individual and tailored advice and support. We can work with you via Skype, so even if you can’t make it to Berlin, we can still help you!

Our individual support for international applications includes:

  • Selection of four universities
  • Online application
  • Individual personal statement support
  • Support with the content, format and editing of your CV
  • Recommendation letter advice and translation
  • Application tracking and follow up
  • Support on immigration procedures (visa applications, CAQ etc) for North America.

We would love to see you in Berlin this weekend – but if not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!