Why choose My Next Step?

We have several years of experience in personalized student counseling and in providing our customers with the most relevant educational programs to best match their academic and professional aspirations.  As fervent advocates of education for all, every year we attend various international conferences and thereby keep informed of the academic changes occurring globally (i.e. emerging countries, BRIC’s…). Hence, we claim to have the means to recommend the most suitable curriculum to every motivated student seeking an innovative academic approach, in a distinct environment and culture. Flexible, attentive and dedicated to our students’ success, we pay close attention to their individual needs and adjust our services accordingly, so as to handle any specific request skillfully.

100% of our students have received offers from the institutions they have applied to since our inception in 2009

Who Is My Next Step ?

While considering our applicants’ uniqueness, we ensure primarily that they become fully aware of their overall potential. Together, we assess their individual objectives, so as to provide them with a personalized academic and/or extra-curricular support allowing them to expand productively.
Thoroughly convinced that learning is an essential step towards freedom and acceptance, we believe that all applicants are entitled to pursue their goals, regardless of their socio-economic background. Consequently, we focus on giving them an opportunity to become dynamic actors of tomorrow’s world.
We take all relevant actions to drive and strengthen our students’ determination as they shape their future career path. We trust that the key to a successful outcome lies on a teamwork strategy, based on a close collaboration between each candidate and his/her My Next Step advisor.
Accustomed to work under pressure, we are committed not only to honour the terms of our missions on schedule, but also to explore, verify and recommend alternative choices in order to, as far as possible, always comply with our customers’ needs.

My Next Step Leading Skills

Awareness, curiosity, responsiveness, creativity 95
Analytical, concise and comprehensive writing 95
Flexibility, Quality, Rigor, Structure 95
Open-mindedness, Multilingual and Multicultural Approach 95

Meet Our Team

Cristina founded My Next Step to encourage, advise and support students in their academic and professional choices, by offering them a wide range of  services to help them achieve their goals.

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